3 Great Sports For Senior Citizens

With so many sports out there, senior citizens may find it hard to choose which ones they should do. You may be wondering what are the best sports for senior citizens? If you are, then read on because we’ll tell you what some of the best sports are.

1. Golf- Golf is a relaxing sport and there are a lot of different courses seniors can play on. Not only that, but they can get from hole to hole via a golf cart and let’s not forget to mention that many golf courses have clubhouses. This is one of the reasons why golf is one of the best sports for senior citizens.

2. Biking- Cycling is actually easy on the joints, and it is one of the most fun sports for seniors to do. Seniors might be surprised at how fun cycling can be, especially if they go on scenic trails or pathways. Also, they can put a basket on the front or back of the bike if they want to bring a few things along with them.

3. Tennis- Seniors that are looking for something a bit fast-paced can try their hand at tennis. Tennis is quite easy to learn and it is fun, but it isn’t that strenuous on the joints. Best of all, you can play one-on-one or two-on-two or you can play it by yourself if the court is equipped with a machine that dispenses tennis balls that you can hit. You might be surprised at how great you will feel if you play tennis a few times per week.

Tennis and biking are great sports for senior citizens to play. Golf is also a good sport for them to take part in. If you’re a senior and you want to remain active and have fun, then give those three sports a try today.