What’s The Difference Between Sports And E-Sports?

The e-sport arena is growing at a rapid pace, and it’s estimated that in 2019 there will more than 300 million fans following it religiously. But is there a difference between sports and e-sports? And if so, what is it?

The Big Debate

Just to avoid any possible confusion, e-sports speak to competitive video gaming. In other words, guys and girls who are good at games like League of Legends, Dota 2, Star Craft 2, Counter Strike and other titles, come together and compete mostly in team events.

Now, the term “athlete” is being associated with e-sport players, because they are taken more seriously these days. However, not everyone agrees, seeing as they aren’t depending that much on their physical abilities.

The Difference

In reality, there isn’t much difference between sport and e-sport, because both require a type of fitness, coaching and other elements an athlete would need.

For example, e-sport players practice up to 8 hours a day, and they have to have incredibly quick reflexes. Then, of course, they require lighting fast thinking. In fact, it’s one of the toughest arenas to break into these days, due to the high level of competition.

In 2015 a total of $61 million dollars was divided between e-sport tournament winners, and the prize money just keeps getting more each year. In 2016 it increased by 70%, and it’s set to be more this year.

The Bottom Line

While e-sport athletes might not be exerting themselves physically, they are balancing their mental and reflex abilities. And if it was easy to do, there wouldn’t be 100 million people watching it online like people watched Super bowl Sunday. I don’t think it’s criminal to say they are athletes to some degree.

So no, there’s isn’t much of a difference between sport and e-sport, and it’s just a matter of time till you see it in the Olympics.

If you want to learn more about esports, please check out the following video!

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3 Great Sports For Senior Citizens

With so many sports out there, senior citizens may find it hard to choose which ones they should do. You may be wondering what are the best sports for senior citizens? If you are, then read on because we’ll tell you what some of the best sports are.

1. Golf- Golf is a relaxing sport and there are a lot of different courses seniors can play on. Not only that, but they can get from hole to hole via a golf cart and let’s not forget to mention that many golf courses have clubhouses. This is one of the reasons why golf is one of the best sports for senior citizens.

2. Biking- Cycling is actually easy on the joints, and it is one of the most fun sports for seniors to do. Seniors might be surprised at how fun cycling can be, especially if they go on scenic trails or pathways. Also, they can put a basket on the front or back of the bike if they want to bring a few things along with them.

3. Tennis- Seniors that are looking for something a bit fast-paced can try their hand at tennis. Tennis is quite easy to learn and it is fun, but it isn’t that strenuous on the joints. Best of all, you can play one-on-one or two-on-two or you can play it by yourself if the court is equipped with a machine that dispenses tennis balls that you can hit. You might be surprised at how great you will feel if you play tennis a few times per week.

Tennis and biking are great sports for senior citizens to play. Golf is also a good sport for them to take part in. If you’re a senior and you want to remain active and have fun, then give those three sports a try today.

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Dropping Pounds With Your Favorite Sports

There’s no soft and fluffy way of saying this, but losing weight and improving the physical condition can’t be done easily. There will be difficulty with slow progress, feeling like you are stuck in a pointless routine and feelings of deprivation when you say bye to some of your favorite indulgences.

While there are plenty of ways to face these problems and a personalized trainer or gym buddy can provide plenty of support and encouragement, there is another path to take that has been found very effective. This is making your health and fitness routines a part of your recreation and leisure.

Olympian Katie Uhlaender, an American skeleton racer, says that you can make your efforts towards greater health more entertaining by engaging in sports or activities you actually enjoy.

Fishing, dancing, tennis, long distance running, biking, and basketball are all terrific ways of keeping fit, shedding pounds and staving off disease and poor health.

If you are thinking of taking up a fun and engaging activity that will help propel you towards your health and fitness goals, where do you begin?

So, you’re interested in the idea of embracing a new sport or activity in place of your typical workout routine. Where do you start? The last thing you want to do is focus on the problem. Thinking “I want to lose X pounds” or “I need to beat my wife in a marathon” is not a good way to begin. Redoubling efforts by committing to a crash diet and some pills is another bad idea. That is a formula for needing to hire a personal injury lawyer.

Instead, think about making a positive choice to change your life. From today on you are the person that spends 60 minutes each day doing something you love. Even better, it is a healthy and invigorating activity. Start with what you can do and begin to enjoy this experience into exploring your physical fitness in an intuitive way.

For more information on how to lose weight, please watch the following video:

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Best Sports Video Games Of 2017

The finest software producers have applied cutting-edge technology innovations to creating some of the most realistic sports simulations for the modern gamer. The research for this selection was extensive indeed and many honorable mentions that deserve a place on this list had to be skipped over.

But if you are looking for top quality graphics and hours of engaging gameplay, the following top two picks will not disappoint.

1. NBA 2K17 from 2K Sports

The series has been churning out hits that gamers swear by every year and the latest NBA 2K is the most exemplary edition of them all, and maybe a good time to retire that exhausted graphics generator and add some new gaming concepts.

But the graphics and precision gaming mechanics create a realistic simulation that creates one of the best sports presentations available. This latest edition even has an on-court commentator with some sophisticated commentaries and improved dialogues.

Furthermore, the AI has become a formidable competitor and white-knuckle gaming is required to keep up with the offense. Controls have been greatly improved and have a far more intuitive feel to them making this a great option for all gamers from rookies and pros alike.

Finally, in respect to realism, players are far more life-like, miss shots and may even be sick on game night — it’s a bit frustrating, but also far more like the real deal.

2. Madden NFL 17 by EA Sports

Sure, the critics say they are only producing the same game year after year with minor graphic upgrades, but if you have such a classic and popular gameplay, how much do you really want to change. Still, the latest edition of Madden NFL has an improved running game that adds a bit more excitement of the chase. Diversified gameplay allows for more options when gaining ground, earlier editions were to pass-dependent.
As always this game is best enjoyed with a fellow gamer as the AI can become a bit repetitive

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3 Tips On How To Stay Healthy While Playing A New Sport

Taking up a new sport is fun and exciting, as well as challenging. However, you want to do what you can to ensure you remain healthy. Lucky for you, there’s a number of things you can do. Here are three things to do if you want to stay healthy while playing a new sport.

1. Take It Easy At First- Playing a new sport can be exciting and the time can fly right on by, so it’s easy to get carried away with training and playing. However, if you want to reduce your risk of injury, then take things easy at first. As a beginner at a new sport, you want to learn the basics and build up your endurance and tolerance to what is involved with the sport.

2. Stay Hydrated- Whether you’re playing a new sport or a sport you’re accustomed to, you want to stay hydrated. Remember, you lose a lot of fluid when you are playing sports. Drink plenty of water because if you end up dehydrated, then things can become bad and even fatal in some cases.

3. Eat Right- Try to eat healthy because it’s important for your body to have the right amount of nutrients, especially when you play sports. If you want to remain healthy while playing your new sport, then eat a good amount of good carbs, protein and try not to eat too much simple sugars or salt. It’s also a good idea to take a multi-vitamin. By eating right, you will be able to function at your best when you play your sport.

If you want to stay healthy while playing a new sport, then eat right, stay hydrated and take it easy at first. That may seem like common sense advice, but it is crucial advice. You don’t need to be a doctor or a lawyer to be smart enough to protect yourself. Make sure you heed it when you decide to play a new sport.

For more information on how to stay safe when playing a sport, please watch this video:

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The Biggest National League Baseball Rivalry

One of the biggest baseball rivalries is between the St Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs. For years, the Astros were also in the mix until the team moved to the American League. While the Cubs and Cardinals rivalry is often overshadowed by the rivalry between the Yankees and the Red Sox, it is one of the biggest rivalries in the National League.

Both the Chicago Cubs and the St Louis Cardinals are two of the oldest teams in baseball. Both of them are also always full of talent and top contenders as teams. However, the rivalry has also been fueled by the fact that the Cardinals have had so much success in comparison to the Cubs. That has changed a little in recent years though; if you remember the Cubs finally getting that next World Series win.

The Cubs and Cardinals have always been friendly rivals, but competition does get the best of people at times. It is going to be interesting to see how this rivalry continues to play out. Make no mistake about it though. The friendly part of the rivalry is always going to be there. It is part of baseball history. Fans of and members of both teams would love to join hands and declare each side the winner at the same time, with the rivalry still intact.

That is not possible when it comes to the game of baseball. One side will have to eventually concede each time both teams step onto the field. However, there will always be another game. It is unfortunate that these teams cannot meet in the World Series due to them both being in the National League. Fans can still watch them fight for the division title though and see which one gets to play a series for the pennant.

Things can always change in the future. Will the Cubs or Cardinals ever switch leagues or divisions like the Astros did? Anything can happen, but you can bet that the Cubs and Cardinals will always be friendly rivals, no matter what. It is sports, it is baseball and it is part of American history.

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The Most Intense Rivalries In College Sports

Some college sports rivalries are legendary. This is especially true for college football, although there are other long-time college rivalries that bring out the emotions on both sides during a game. Here are five of the best college rivalries.

In college football, the rivalry between Michigan and Michigan State is one of the most famous. The rivalry has heated up since Michigan State reached elite status and is no longer playing the little brother to the University of Michigan.

In college basketball, the biggest rivalry is between Louisville and Kentucky. This is a fierce competition and Louisville’s recent postseason ban hasn’t seemed to dim the energy. In fact, the off-the-court antics of the Cardinals players have actually fueled the fire. It is quite entertaining to listen to fans bickering online about whose team is better.

Another intense rivalry between college football teams in the feud between Alabama and Auburn. For years, Alabama was the top dog, then in 2014, Auburn’s Iron Bowl win turned the tables for a few years. Now, it appears Alabama may be stepping up their game and ready to take over again as it wins the fourth national championship in the last seven years. It remains to be seen if Auburn can bring some energy to the gridiron and take over the Dogs in the next couple of years for the top spot.

When it comes to college basketball, the rivalry between Duke and North Carolina is fierce and getting fiercer. The Blue Devils took the National Championship in 2015, but the Tar Heels are consistently ranked as one of the top teams in the country.

All of these are big rivalries, but they can’t hold a candle to the long-lived battle between the Michigan and Ohio State football teams. There are no two other college teams that hate each other more. When these two compete for conference championships, tempers certainly flare.

For some great college basketball action, please check out the following video!

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The Best NBA Point Guards of All-Time

For basketball fans, the point guard is a special position. This is usually the shortest guy on the floor, but when they’re good, they can completely dominate the game. The best point guards are usually pass-first kinds of players. They are quick to subjugate their own skills so that their teammates are a part of the play. This is why assist totals are a point guard’s leading indicator. So who are the best point guards of all time? Let’s take a look.

Walt Frazier

Frazier is a must when considering the best point guards in history. He was a 7-time All D selection and is the Hall of Fame. He played for both the New York Knicks and the Cavaliers in a career that spanned 13 years.

Kevin Johnson

Johnson was pretty tall for a point guard, coming in at 6′ 1″. He played for 13 years and was one of the few point guards in history that consistently earned 10 assists and 20 points every time they played.

Isiah Thomas

Thomas’ floor career was often overshadowed by his front office and coaching career, but he was a great point guard. He led the Detroit Pistons to back-to-back championships during his 13 years with the team.

John Stockton

Considered by many to be one of the most underrated players ever, Stockton wasn’t flashy but was truly a great point guard.

Oscar Robertson

The Big O was really big, especially for a point guard. He stood 6′ 5″ and weighed 220 pounds. Even so, he could move and was a superb athlete. Averaging 27.5 points in his career, and he was the first player ever to triple-double for the whole season.

Magic Johnson

When considering the best point guards in NBA history, Magic Johnson is on every possible list. A 3-time MVand an All-Star 12 times, Johnson was the best of the best. He is also considered to be the best ever at the two skills every point guard needs – leading and passing. Simply put, no one ever did it better.

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Legendary Sports Broadcasters

If you watch sports, you are certainly familiar with the legends of the games. Names like Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Babe Ruth, and Tom Brady are known by anyone that follow sports. For some people, sports broadcasters are equally important for the memorable ways they are able to bring the sport to life. It doesn’t matter if they are a personal injury attorney serving Atlanta or a mailman in Boston, everyone has heard of these announcers. Here are some of the best sports broadcasters of all time.

Chick Hearn

Chick Hearn was known by many to be the best Basketball announcer of all time. He announced Lakers games in the NBA starting in March 1961. His last game as a Laker announcer was Game 4 of the 2002 NBA Finals, following the Lakers four-game sweep of the Nets. Hearn passed away in August 2002.

Hearn was known for his play by play skills, which allowed him to call Lakers games on both television and radio. He also invented many basketball phrases used today, known as Chickisms. Phrases like air-ball, garbage time, and the mustard’s off the hotdog were all invented by Hearn. When the Lakers had what Hearn thought was an insurmountable lead, he’d say that the game was in the refrigerator.

Vin Scully

Vin Scully, the legendary baseball announcer for the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers, is considered by many to be the best announcer of all time in any sport. Scully spent 67 seasons with the Dodgers from 1950 to 2016, which is the longest tenure for any broadcaster with a team ever. One of Scully’s more famous calls was when a hobbling Kirk Gibson hit a game-ending home run in Game one of the 1988 World Series for the Dodgers, against the Oakland Athletics.

Hearn and Scully are just two of many sports legends. Other legendary announcers include Howard Cosell and John Madden for football, and the all around broadcasting legend Al Michaels. Michaels announced Monday Night Football, Sunday Night Football currently, and even the thrilling 1980 Miracle on Ice USA Hockey victory over Russia. Harry Caray, the eccentric former Cubs baseball announcer, and Jack Buck the former St Louis Cardinals announcer are also beloved announcing icons.

Here is Scully’s final call as an announcer:

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Do You See The NFL Going Out Of Business In The Coming Years?

The NFL will likely never go out of business, but it is possible in the future that it will lose some of its popularity. Why? There is a sport worldwide with the same name, and US football, while extremely popular, has not completely resonated with the rest of the world. Additionally, the safety risks associated with playing football have been talked about much more in recent times.

People are still gladly fixated on games, spectating their professional gladiators. However, less of the youth these days are interested in putting their bodies in harm’s way. Parents are also more inclined to keep their kids focused on other sports besides football. This generational shift is only part of what is going on when it comes to the fate of US football.

College football is looking like it might sit atop the NFL in regards to popularity. Then aside from the safety risks and generational changes, you have to also think about the fact that popularity for sports is always changing. Put all of the points made together, and it does look a little bleak for the NFL as more cultural changes occur. However, people seem to have an insatiable appetite for watching people clobber each other.

Therefore, the NFL will likely continue on indefinitely. That doesn’t mean, however, that it will stay chief among sports in the US. It is the youngest of the three major professional sports, and it took over as chief after the popularity of NBA basketball started to fade for a time. So you want to be sure that you recognize trends because the NFL could be unseated in the next few years just for that reason alone, despite other factors. What is your favorite sport, and what are your thoughts on the NFL possibly going out of business?

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