Best Sports Video Games Of 2017

The finest software producers have applied cutting-edge technology innovations to creating some of the most realistic sports simulations for the modern gamer. The research for this selection was extensive indeed and many honorable mentions that deserve a place on this list had to be skipped over.

But if you are looking for top quality graphics and hours of engaging gameplay, the following top two picks will not disappoint.

1. NBA 2K17 from 2K Sports

The series has been churning out hits that gamers swear by every year and the latest NBA 2K is the most exemplary edition of them all, and maybe a good time to retire that exhausted graphics generator and add some new gaming concepts.

But the graphics and precision gaming mechanics create a realistic simulation that creates one of the best sports presentations available. This latest edition even has an on-court commentator with some sophisticated commentaries and improved dialogues.

Furthermore, the AI has become a formidable competitor and white-knuckle gaming is required to keep up with the offense. Controls have been greatly improved and have a far more intuitive feel to them making this a great option for all gamers from rookies and pros alike.

Finally, in respect to realism, players are far more life-like, miss shots and may even be sick on game night — it’s a bit frustrating, but also far more like the real deal.

2. Madden NFL 17 by EA Sports

Sure, the critics say they are only producing the same game year after year with minor graphic upgrades, but if you have such a classic and popular gameplay, how much do you really want to change. Still, the latest edition of Madden NFL has an improved running game that adds a bit more excitement of the chase. Diversified gameplay allows for more options when gaining ground, earlier editions were to pass-dependent.
As always this game is best enjoyed with a fellow gamer as the AI can become a bit repetitive