Do You See The NFL Going Out Of Business In The Coming Years?

The NFL will likely never go out of business, but it is possible in the future that it will lose some of its popularity. Why? There is a sport worldwide with the same name, and US football, while extremely popular, has not completely resonated with the rest of the world. Additionally, the safety risks associated with playing football have been talked about much more in recent times.

People are still gladly fixated on games, spectating their professional gladiators. However, less of the youth these days are interested in putting their bodies in harm’s way. Parents are also more inclined to keep their kids focused on other sports besides football. This generational shift is only part of what is going on when it comes to the fate of US football.

College football is looking like it might sit atop the NFL in regards to popularity. Then aside from the safety risks and generational changes, you have to also think about the fact that popularity for sports is always changing. Put all of the points made together, and it does look a little bleak for the NFL as more cultural changes occur. However, people seem to have an insatiable appetite for watching people clobber each other.

Therefore, the NFL will likely continue on indefinitely. That doesn’t mean, however, that it will stay chief among sports in the US. It is the youngest of the three major professional sports, and it took over as chief after the popularity of NBA basketball started to fade for a time. So you want to be sure that you recognize trends because the NFL could be unseated in the next few years just for that reason alone, despite other factors. What is your favorite sport, and what are your thoughts on the NFL possibly going out of business?

The Invention of Lacrosse

All over the world, people enjoy playing sports. One of the popular sports that people enjoy today is Lacrosse. But what not a lot of individuals know about is its history. In this article, we will talk about how and when Lacrosse was invented.

Lacrosse got its start by being played by Native Americans. Rather than being called “Lacrosse”, however, the sport was known as “Stickball.” Stickball was initially played by the Algonquian tribe in order to train as well as for fun, and religious reasons. At any one time, there were between 100 and 100,000 players enjoying the game, which could continue on for days.

Originally, the balls used were made of wood, but over time they were changed to being made of deerskin. In preparation for Lacrosse, players would decorate their face and body. It was also not unheard of for individuals to place bets on the outcome of each game. Much like modern-day lacrosse, it was a family event; enjoyed by husbands, wives, and their children.

In the 1630s, French Jesuit missionaries had the privilege of witnessing Lacrosse being played by Native Americans. In fact, the term “Lacrosse” was first spoken by one of these missionaries. News and interest in the game began spreading, and in the year of 1860, Lacrosse had become the national game of Canada. In 1876, Queen Victoria herself watched a game and remarked that it was “very pretty to watch.”

By the beginning of the 20th century, Lacrosse was popular in several countries, and in 1904 and 1908 Lacrosse was played in the summer Olympics. Today, Lacrosse continues to be a popular and celebrated sport. It is played by men and women alike, and students at grade school and college enjoy the game each year. Lacrosse is also played professionally. It is a truly remarkable sport that got its start many years ago, invented by Native Americans who set the groundwork for our love of Lacrosse today.

For a quick rundown on the history of lacrosse, check out this video:

The Most Popular American Football Injuries

It’s an understatement to say that Americans as a whole enjoy watching football. The NFL (National Football League) alone brings in 64% of all Americans each year when it comes to watching football games. Like any popular sport, at times there are negative things that pop up, such as injuries. In this article, we will talk about the most popular injuries that occur in American football.

1. Hamstring Strain

The most common injury sustained during American football is hamstring strain. During games and training, football players sprint. Sprinting can cause the hamstring muscles to be stretched too far, which may result in torn muscle tissue. When the hamstring tissue tears, it is known as hamstring strain.

2. Sprained Ankle

The second popular injury that occurs in American football is a sprained ankle. This can come about for a number of reasons. As football players train or play games, they are sprinting, tackling each other, and overall, stretching their bodies to the limit. When a sprained ankle occurs, the soft tissue around the ankle becomes damaged. The subsequent bleeding and swelling causes the pain felt within the ankle.

3. Hernia

Another popular injury that occurs in American football is a hernia. Hernias are common in sports in general, but particularly in football. A hernia occurs when the player’s body is subject to a large amount of stress during kicking the ball, turning, and sprinting. Once the player sustains a hernia, the groin area will be stiff and fairly sore. For the problem to not get worse, it is recommended that the player not continue to participate in the games.

Football is a popular American sport, but it is not always safe. For players to reduce their chances of injury, sufficient exercise and bodily training are recommended to help them stay in the best shape. This will, in turn, help them focus on enjoying the game as safely and healthy as possible.

The Longest Professional Sports Careers Of Popular American Sports

The sport that you play has a huge impact on how long of a professional career that you could potentially have, if you have the talent to make it to the top. Contact sports, such as American football, tend to result in shorter careers than non-contact sports, such as golf. Here are some of the athletes that are generally recognized as having the longest professional careers in their respective sports. A special thank you to Peter Deluca at Carter DeLuca Farrell & Schmidt LLP for this list.

Gary Player

Gary Player played in his first professional match in 1953, and didn’t play in his last professional tournament until 2009. His name is recognizable world-wide as a result of his accomplishments throughout his 56 year career as a professional golfer. But even Gary Player is unlikely to have had the longest career as a professional golfer, as there are many an unsung hero in the sport, that have spent their careers employed by a golf course teaching the sport to generations of new golfers.

Gordie Howe

Although officially Gordie Howe’s longest unbroken length of time playing professional ice hockey is “only” 37 years, a long stretch for any professional athlete, he deserves to be recognized as having one of the only professional careers that approaches Gary Player’s in length. He amassed a total of 50 years in his professional career.

Nolan Ryan

One of the most recognized names in professional baseball is Nolan Ryan, who shares the honor of having the longest career in Major League Baseball with Cap Anson. The careers of both players stretched out 27 years. It is not uncommon for teams to have players whose careers have passed the 20 year mark.

Of course, it’s possible to find professional athletes that have had careers rivaling these three, particularly if you consider athletes playing sports that are not as popular in the United States, such as Cricket. However, all three of these athletes have names that are highly recognizable even years after their retirement, and they’ve been honored for their longevity by their respective sports.

To learn more about another player who played deep into his 40s, here is a video of 47 year-old Julio Franco hitting a home run!

Who Were Some Of The Best Home Run Hitters In Baseball History?

Who are the best home run hitters in the history of baseball? The first name that comes to people’s minds is Babe Ruth. Millions of people that aren’t even baseball fans can give you that name. Then there is Hank Aaron and quite a few other names throughout history. Baseball fans also know that in modern times, the sport has seen even more powerful hitters that continue to try and rewrite the history books.

Just think about where Albert Pujols stands as he is continuing to finish up his career. Consider Alex Rodriguez and what his numbers were as he retired. Then you have people like Jim Edmonds that were known just as much for their skills on the field as they were for their skills at the plate. If you want a good full look at the best home run hitters in baseball, all you have to do is look at the 500 Home Runs Club.

That list is getting bigger and bigger, and of course when talking home run hitters in recent history, you have to throw in all of the talk about steroids. It seems that talk about steroids in relation to home runs is not much of a big deal anymore. Have you heard much about it in the last few years?

When Barry Bonds set the new career mark, that is what really got people talking for years. Then you have the single season home run record that became the big story back in 1998. You remember the whole McGwire and Sosa saga, don’t you? If you do, then you know that really fueled talks about steroids. With all that talk about steroids, it might seem like there are hundreds of players who have hit 500 or more home runs. Well, if you look at the list of the top 300 home run hitters, you end up seeing that #300 has barely hit over 200 home runs. Teams like the Kansas City Royals don’t even have hitters who hit 500 home runs.

Where Did Basketball Originate?

Basketball is probably the most famous sport in the world. It is played in almost every country. Wherever you are around the world, people will always know this sport. Fans of all ages even cheer for their favorite teams from their homes as they get caught up in the intensity of the game. What most people do not know is the origin of this game. How did it become an official sport and where did the whole idea come from?

Basketball was created by Dr. James Naismith and he also managed to write down the details of how the famous game came to life before he passed away. Dr. Naismith was from a family of Scottish immigrants in Canada. He was a physical education teacher in YMCA International Training School.

One day, Dr. Naismith was given the task of creating a game that would keep track and field runners fit in the winter season. The challenge was that the game should be held or played indoors and must not cause injuries to the players. He was given two weeks to think of a good game that students will be allowed to play.

Dr. Naismith came up with a game that is inspired by “Duck on a Rock” which is a game that he used to play as a kid. Another inspiration for the creation of basketball is soccer. Because Dr. Naismith wants the game to also have a goal just like in soccer, he used peach baskets that were hung up on the wall. A soccer ball was first used for the game because it is safe for the players.

Since the inventor noticed how injuries often occur in the goal zone, he decided to put the peach baskets up the wall so no one would be injured while playing the game. The original baskets used for the first basketball game had no holes in the bottom so players were obligated to pause the game when the ball is shot in the basket

Understanding the history of a world-famous sport is very interesting. Unlike other sports, basketball is unique which might be the reason why a lot of people love it. Basketball fans around the world should also know the wonderful history of basketball.