Is Money The Only Difference Between Amateur And Professional Sports

The common misconception is that money is the only difference between amateur and professional sports. While this is true, and the money is one of the biggest reasons why so many athletes dream of “going pro,” there are some other differences that you may not be aware of.


While it is true that, unlike professional athletes, amateur athletes are not eligible to receive payment for their participation, often they are able to receive perks connected to their participation in their sport. Much of it depends upon the rules that the governing body for the sport has established. For example, some amateur sports leagues allow their athletes to receive such perks as athletic gear and meals from sponsors. Let’s just say amateur athletes are not leaving an estate behind once they hang up their cleats.


Another difference between the two is that, in most cases, amateur athletes can play their sport for as long as they choose to. There are 80-year-old men that still lace up their shoes to play in a 3 on 3 basketball league. Many professional sports do have rules governing the age of the athletes that are allowed to play. For example, the National Football League forbids teams from signing athletes right out of high school. The justification is that it’ll help prevent injuries, and it’ll provide an opportunity for advanced education while they continue to hone their skills at the collegiate level.

Degree Of Risk

One final difference between them is the amount of risk that professional athletes expose themselves too in order to play their sports. Most amateurs play whenever it suits them, a few times per month. Others, playing on organized teams, put in a lot more time, but even they don’t typically train outside of the season. Professional athletes train year-round, even on weekends, evenings, and holidays. That, coupled with the travel, can take its toll on the body.

There may be other differences between amateur and professional sports, but these are the most obvious. It takes dedication, determination, and a lot of sweat and blood, to become a professional athlete.  To learn more about the dedication of an athlete, watch this short video:

The Most Popular Basketball Injuries

All over the world, people enjoy watching sports and participating in them. One of the most popular sports today is basketball. At times, however, players of basketball suffer from sports-related injuries. In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular injuries sustained in basketball.

1. Foot and Ankle Injuries

The most common injuries that players of basketball suffer from are injuries to the feet and ankles. These can come about from accidentally rolling the ankle, clashing with other players while attempting to possess the ball, and even being stepped on by other players.

2. Hip and Thigh Injuries

Other popular injuries sustained during basketball include injuries to the hips and thighs. Actions taken during basketball, such as jumping and pivoting, place extra strain on the body – particularly on the hips and thighs. Contact with other players on the court can also cause injury to the body in these areas.

3. Knee Injuries

The third form of injury that is found within basketball fairly commonly is an injury to the knee(s). This is usually a sprain or a strain on the knee.

4. Wrist and Hand Injuries

Injuries to the wrist and hand during basketball is fairly uncommon, surprisingly. Only about 11% of players suffer from these injuries. However, these injuries still occur. These injuries can happen when players do not keep an eye on the ball as they are being passed to them. Jammed fingers, sprained wrists, and other injuries can come about when the player is not keeping track of his or her surroundings.

In conclusion, basketball is a highly enjoyed sport by both spectators and players. Keeping the body in good shape via training and exercise is a good way to prevent injury as much as possible, as well as being aware of surroundings during the game. Limiting injuries that can be prevented helps basketball players focus on the game and enjoy the sport as much as possible. Injuries in basketball can derail a career – it’s always a good idea for them to have an estate planning attorney in case they need to plan for a future without basketball.

Here is a video of a particularly gruesome basketball injury – this is why building muscle is so important!

Cities That You Probably Didn’t Know Once Had Professional Sports Teams

While some smaller cities such as Salt Lake City and Buffalo have been able to keep a professional sports franchise, there have been many others that lost out and saw their team transferred to another location. Most of the time, the cities lose the franchise because of attendance or stadium issues. These cities once hosted MLB, NFL, NHL and NBA teams, but lost them to other, more lucrative locations.

Right after WWII, the Tri-Cities of Rock Island, IL, Davenport, IA, and Moline, IL had an NBA team. The team, known as the Tri-Cities Blackhawks played here from 1946 to 1951. The team eventually moved to Atlanta and are now known as the Atlanta Hawks.

Decatur, IL was once home to the American Professional Football Association. and the Chicago Bears. In 1921, the team was moved to Chicago where it has remained.

Indiana loves basketball and Ft. Wayne once hosted the Pistons, an NBA team. Eventually, the team moved to Detroit.

Portsmouth, OH was once home to the Portsmouth Spartans. The city even built a new stadium in 1929, but still lost the team when it was moved to Detroit and the name changed to the Detroit Lions.

Duluth Minnesota had a professional football team called the Duluth Kelleys. The team was named after the Kelley-Duluth Hardware Store. While still in Duluth, the team name was changed to the Eskimos, but the franchise ended two years later.

In 1949, the teams of the Basket Ball Association of America merged with the teams from the National Basketball League to form the National Basketball Association. Sheboygan, Wisconsin had hosted the Sheboygan Red Skins while in the NBL but lost the team just one year after joining the NBA.

Today, small cities still hosting professional sports teams worry about keeping them. These teams sometimes move or sometimes fold and the communities feel the loss.

Just Why Are Americans Obsessed With Fantasy Football?

There’s no question that fantasy football is an incredibly popular past time, and a major part of that is the fact that the NFL is undeniably the leading professional sports league in the United States. In fact, it’s pretty safe to say that fantasy football is now an outright obsession for many individuals. This brings up a really good question: how did it grow this fast? How did it become such a big deal?

The Rise Of Fantasy Football
There are many different factors that have led to fantasy football becoming a hobby to becoming the massive industry it is today. For one thing, the design of the game led to fantasy football preview magazines also being some of the best informational magazines around even as the Internet was just getting started. The Internet taking off also made joining multiple leagues (or setting them up) easier than ever.

Many different companies then started offering competitions and jackpots. This included companies looking to market their fantasy football brand, as well as big names like ESPN. Multiple jackpots meant there were many options available and that brought in the excitement of gambling.

Fantasy football is also a hobby that is easy to set up with friends and set up a pool of money (bets) in addition to the pure bragging rights. Add in the fact that even the NFL embraced fantasy football and it is easy to see how it took off.

Popularity Of “The League”
This really popular show started off as a niche show with a cult classic type of following but continued to grow. It is extremely well written, a fantastic comedy, and brought many people into starting fantasy football leagues with their friends, reviving new life into old ones, or continuing on by making long standing ones more interesting.

This is an example where real life and pop culture seem to have fed each other in both directions.

Fantasy Football:
– Feeds into the rush that comes from competition between friends
– Gives a further feeling of connection with America’s pasttime
– Builds up adrenaline while watching every single game or player
– Brings in gambling options

There’s no doubt that the popularity of fantasy football has not only grown impressively over the last few years but that it will also continue to explode and grow in popularity. As long as the sport is tops, the accompanying hobby will be as well. If you want to play go you can visit website.

Federal Fraud At The Collegiate Level In Basketball

The arms race in college basketball has come to a head after shocking revelations of shady/criminal practices by team officials. It has always been a sour spot since college basketball, or the NCCA doesn’t allow for players to be paid salaries per game. This means they have to be wooed by other positives such as the campus, location, weather, or basketball potential. While this is common at the NCCA level, the idea of federal fraud has seeped into the picture because of coaches and team officials wanting to gain an edge.

This is why the recent revelation by the FBA involving four assistant coaches has come as a surprise.

The four assistant coaches include Chuck Person (Auburn), Emanuel Richardson (Arizona), Tony Bland (USC), and Lamont Evans (Oklahoma State). Past these names, there are a set of managers and other individuals who have been mentioned by the FBI in this investigation.


What is the main cause of concern?

The FBI Has cited illegal transactions being made between teams and players at the schools. The goal is to bribe them with cash or other related assets and bring them into the fold. Of course, this seems okay until it’s clear these assets are not being listed.

These bribes were being processed by agents and pushed towards the student-athletes.


These officials have also been charged with corruption due to their positions in college football.

They were pushing funds towards the students and not declaring them. This meant they were pursuing illegal means to offer these funds and write them off. This is corruption and something that is being weeded out by the FBI at a federal level.

The corruption has been listed among various levels of team officials and player agents.

Why Go After The NCAA?

Now, the major question being asked is, why would the FBI care about broken NCAA rules?

It has to do with a conspiracy to defraud the US. This means the actors were willingly participating in fraud while working for a US-funded institution. They are also looking at laying down charges involving tax evasion and other related financial concerns.

All of this started based on information received from a financial advisor who was working for one of the agents.

While the advisor was working on a hidden Ponzi scheme, the NCCA concerns were also unraveled and brought to the forefront.

Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?

One of the biggest debates in sports over the last few years has been about two of the best quarterbacks of the 21st century: Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.  They both came into fame at around the same time, with Manning putting up massive stats while Brady won several championships.  Brady was considered clutch while Manning was considered more important to the success of his team.

No matter what you think about Brady and Manning, it is necessary to cede that it is a very close race.  There is no definitive better quarterback, even though Manning has more MVPs, or Brady has more Super Bowls.  There is no true way to quantify who is better, though the one year Peyton was injured, the Colts were the worst team in the NFL.  When Brady was injured, the Patriots almost made the playoffs.

Let us know who you think was the better quarterback.  Was it Manning, Brady, or someone else?