The Most Intense Rivalries In College Sports

Some college sports rivalries are legendary. This is especially true for college football, although there are other long-time college rivalries that bring out the emotions on both sides during a game. Here are five of the best college rivalries.

In college football, the rivalry between Michigan and Michigan State is one of the most famous. The rivalry has heated up since Michigan State reached elite status and is no longer playing the little brother to the University of Michigan.

In college basketball, the biggest rivalry is between Louisville and Kentucky. This is a fierce competition and Louisville’s recent postseason ban hasn’t seemed to dim the energy. In fact, the off-the-court antics of the Cardinals players have actually fueled the fire. It is quite entertaining to listen to fans bickering online about whose team is better.

Another intense rivalry between college football teams in the feud between Alabama and Auburn. For years, Alabama was the top dog, then in 2014, Auburn’s Iron Bowl win turned the tables for a few years. Now, it appears Alabama may be stepping up their game and ready to take over again as it wins the fourth national championship in the last seven years. It remains to be seen if Auburn can bring some energy to the gridiron and take over the Dogs in the next couple of years for the top spot.

When it comes to college basketball, the rivalry between Duke and North Carolina is fierce and getting fiercer. The Blue Devils took the National Championship in 2015, but the Tar Heels are consistently ranked as one of the top teams in the country.

All of these are big rivalries, but they can’t hold a candle to the long-lived battle between the Michigan and Ohio State football teams. There are no two other college teams that hate each other more. When these two compete for conference championships, tempers certainly flare.

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Characteristics Of The Best College Sports Schools

If there’s one thing Americans enjoy, it’s college sports. Many of us have our team and will wear the colors and yell at the top of our voices when our team plays. Colleges work hard at creating lifelong sports fans. Fans attend games which provide revenue for the sports programs. They also may turn into donors and give directly to the college sports programs.

It’s not only alumni who love college sports. The best college sports schools often build a large following of people who live near them or who are residents of the same state.

There are some schools which have sports programs that attract the very best talent from all over the country. These programs recruit talented youngsters early and offer a variety of incentives to attend their program. These incentives include athletic scholarships and housing and living supplements.

When it comes to ranking college sports programs, there are a few that always come to mind. Florida State is known for its football and the University of Connecticut for its women’s basketball.

To determine the best of the college sports programs, it’s important to consider factors other than just fan experiences and athlete opportunities. The best programs also consider career outcomes, academic excellence, and affordability.

Stanford is considered one of the best programs in college sports. The campus is full of students doing extraordinary things, so sometimes the Farm doesn’t get the shout out it should for athletics.

The University of Michigan is considered a college football powerhouse. They are strong in all athletic programs and boast an 80 percent college athlete graduation rate.

The University of Notre Dame is another powerful sports college and this top 20 university has a 98 percent graduation rate for its athletes.

There are plenty of colleges with great sports programs. The best combine academic excellence, affordability, and athlete opportunities to create a winning formula.