The Greatest Accomplishments in Sports

The accolades of athletes have been sung high and low since the times of ancient Greece and long before. Following are some of the greatest feats that professional athlete have ever performed.

1. Haile Gebreselassie

This Ethiopian Double Olympic Champion is by far one of the greatest endurance athletes of all times. He broke numerous records in the men’s 10,000 and 5,000 meters. He then went on to become the first man to ever complete the Marathon in under 2 hours and 4 minutes. This was at the Berlin Olympics back in 2008.

2. Jesse Owens

Forever hailed as the man who threw a wet blanket on the fires of Aryan Supremacy when he took four gold medals in the Berlin Olympics in 1936. While this was memorable, his greatest feat was when he broke three important world records in under on hour. Jesse Owens broke records for the long jump, 220-yard hurdles and 22-yard sprint in Ann Arbor Michigan while competing for Ohio State — and all in one hour.

3. Nadia Comaneci

Nadia Comaneci realized her impressive athletic feat while performing at the 1976 Montreal Olympics. Comaneci won all but four of her 9 Olympic Gold Medals that year and while this was a feat in itself she went on to win a more daunting challenge. The hockey ghosts of the Montreal Forum were legendary judges and she was the first gymnast ever to receive a perfect 10 for her performance.

4. Roger Bannister

Perhaps one of the greatest legends in athletics was the surreal moment when the Englishman Roger Bannister ran a mile in under 4 minutes, 3:59:4 to be precise. The celebrated feat occurred at Oxford University and was a sensational moment. Many of the spectators believed they were watching a physically impossible performance.

Is Cheerleading a Sport?

Ask any cheerleader if what they do is a sport and watch the reaction. Almost every cheerleader who ever topped a pyramid or executed a back handspring series across a gym floor will get fired up when someone implies cheerleading is not a sport. For years, athletes and coaches of other sports have talked down about cheerleading. Even though elite cheer teams are a combination of gymnasts, long-jumpers, and pole vaulters, there are many who continue to believe cheerleaders aren’t athletes. I’m not going to say you need a lawyer to make an argument that cheerleaders aren’t athletes, but I’ll put their website here.

This is about to change, however with the recent decision by the International Olympic Committee to provisionally recognize the International Cheer Union as the sport’s governing body. This is the first step in a long process that may culminate in cheerleading being recognized as an Olympic sport.

Cheerleading has long been a competitive sport. It is recognized by the National Federation of high school state associations, Pop Warner, the NCAA as a competitive sport and recognition from the International Olympic Committee will put the issue to rest, once and for all.

Anyone who agrees that judged sports such as diving, figure skating or gymnastics are sports, should also agree that cheerleading is a sport, too. Cheerleading competitions are much like gymnastics or figure skating competitions. Certain skills or moves are given a value. There are deductions when a team member falls or there is a mistake in the routine. Penalties are assessed if the team goes out of bounds. These rules are all very similar to other judged sports which is why there is really no question about cheerleading being a sport.

Most Americans consider cheerleading to be a national phenomenon, but it has spread throughout the world. There are 110 different federations in the International Cheer Union and 70 countries had teams which competed in last year’s World Cheerleading Championships.

Yes, cheerleading is a sport. It might just become an Olympic sport in the near future.

To keep the debate going, please watch the following video:

Countries With The Most Olympic Medals

There can be no argument that the two most popular sporting events. at least as far as global viewers are concerned are the Football (soccer) World Cup and the Summer Olympics.

When it comes to the Olympics there are countries that shine in certain sports. Kenya for instance regularly tops the tables as far as long distance running is concerned.

But in the all-time medals table who stands head and shoulders above the rest?

The answer isn’t very difficult to understand – it’s the United States. The U.S.A. has an educational system that rewards accomplishment in sports. That system also is supported by a nationwide system of mentoring for those who excel. The result is a sporting powerhouse that has been dominating the Olympics for generations.

So what are the numbers that would back up this claim?

In total the U.S.A. has won 1,022 Gold Medals, 794 silvers, and 704 bronze medals.

To put this into perspective that’s more than double the medals that have been won by the country in second place – the Soviet Union.

Given that the Soviet Union doesn’t exist anymore it’s unlikely that any other country is ever again going to challenge America for the top spot. Also the fact that the U.S. is continuing to pour considerable resources into sport, both at the amateur level and professionally it’s beyond the scope of any other nation to play catch up.

There may be countries which excel in certain disciplines – but overall the U.S.A. has firmly cemented itself at the top of the medals table.

It seems that the cries of ‘U.S.A., U.S.A.’ that television viewers across the globe are exposed to at every Olympic games are not something that will disappear anytime soon. The champions in red, white and blue are here to stay.

Which Sport Came To Europe First: Tennis Or Ping-Pong?

Both tennis and table tennis, or ping-pong, have been around for a long time. But which sport came first?

Table tennis began in Victorian England as an after-dinner parlor game for the upper class. Legend has it that its true origins began with British military officers stationed in India during the 1860s or 1870s, with a row of books standing in a row in the center to serve as the net, and two books used as paddles to volley a golf ball back and forth.

The game was known by several names, including whiff-whaff and ping-pong (which was a widely used name long before it was trademarked in 1901 by J. Jaques & Son Ltd). When Jaques sold the rights to the name ping-pong to Parker Brothers, the game maker vigorously enforced the trademark, forcing other game manufacturers to call it table tennis.

Tennis, on the other hand, has a much longer history, although the game went through many iterations before becoming the “game of kings” that it is known as today.

But it wasn’t until 1500 that a version of today’s racquet came into use�”a wooden frame strung with sheep gut. It was even longer ago in 1625 that Hampton’s Court, a court similar to today’s courts, was built in England.

The game’s popularity declined almost to obscurity in the 16th century, but was revitalized when a vulcanization process for rubber made balls bouncier, and the game began to be played on outdoor courts with nets, requiring new sets of rules to be implemented.

The first Wimbledon tournament was held in 1877 by the All England club, using a rectangular court and rules that are very close to the way tennis is played today.

Since ping-pong was already in use by the time Wimbledon was held, it could be argued that ping-pong predates modern tennis. But the essentials of the game of tennis were around long before that, so many experts argue that tennis is the older of the two games.

Top 3 Famous Non-Football Sports In Europe

Europe is not only known for having royalties but because of sports as well. Europeans have a special place for sports in their hearts. They have been competing in the Olympics long enough to prove their love for sports. The sporty nature of Europeans can be seen in the way they compete around the world. They hone their athletes at a very young age to prove to the world their competitiveness in various sports. If you are planning on traveling to Europe, it would be great for you to be aware of the most famous sports in the continent so you can also try it.


This sport is actually the national sport of England and it’s been around ever since the 18th century. This game has very complex rules which might’ve caused the decline of its popularity as time passed by. If you follow the history of cricket, you’ll see how many times the format and the rules of the game were changed or modified. As more games and sports became more popular, cricket was overshadowed. However, it still stays alive in Europe. Up to this day, you might still encounter people playing cricket on their lawns.


Are you fond of snow? Snowboarding will make you enjoy the ice. If you are adventurous enough you can try this sport in various resorts around Europe. It is just like skateboarding minus all the wheels. What makes it even more inviting is that you’ll get to see the beauty of nature as you enjoy the sport.


While football might be famous in America, rugby is more popular in Europe. The game has a lot of tackling which means you have to have a strong body to play this sport.

Going to Europe is a big adventure. You’ll see different cities, meet various people, eat new and tasty dishes. But your trip is not complete without trying or watching at least one of these sports. Have fun in your journey and get the most out of your trip by trying as many activities as you can.  It doesn’t matter if you are coming from Corpus Christi, Qatar, or Australia, Europe is a great destination for sports fans all over the world.

The Top Three Most Popular Sports In The World

Sports have played a key role in human history. Throughout the centuries, they have not only provided entertainment for fans but have also challenged athletes to push the physical limits of the human body.

From the earliest foot races and wrestling matches in ancient Greece to modern-day professional sports, a lot of things have changed over the years. One thing that has remained the same, however, is the passion that fans and athletes alike bring to their favorite sports.

Today, some sports are more popular than others, drawing the attention of fans from every corner of the planet. Here are the top three most popular sports in the world:

1. Football/Soccer. This sport pits two teams against each other on a large, open field. The objective of the game is to kick the ball into the goal of the other team without allowing the ball to come in contact with your hands. You can find people who are passionate about soccer in every part of the world. It is particularly popular in Europe and South America and has billions of fans worldwide.

2. Basketball. Although basketball is the most popular in the United States, it has started to spread to other countries as well. In fact, it has experienced explosive growth over the past few years and is expected to continue to increase in popularity in the coming decades.

3. Cricket. Cricket is probably not the first sport that comes to mind when you think about popular sporting events. However, it has a massive fan base throughout the world. An estimated 2 billion people are fans of this sport, allowing it to rank as one of the top three most popular sports in the world. It’s great and hardly leads to any life long disabilities.

Watching sports is almost as much fun as playing them. Being able to see some of the world’s best athletes competing with one another can be both exciting and inspiring, plus there is no risk of injury!

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