The Most Controversial Part Of Super Bowl LIV Was The Halftime Show

  1. Lo and Shakira have certainly sparked a lot of right-wing controversy since they performed the halftime show wearing about as much as you might expect. The display is hardly controversial by today’s standards, but somehow we’ve managed to turn it into something that it isn’t. 

Alex Abad-Santos for Vox wrote: “Considering the NFL’s contentious relationship with stars like Rihanna and Cardi B — both Rihanna and Cardi, along with other musicians, have said they won’t perform for the league because of its treatment of Colin Kaepernick — it’s something of a marvel that the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show boasted kinetic talent in the form of superstars Jennifer Lopez and Shakira (especially compared to Maroon 5, who headlined the halftime show in 2019). The call to book the duo was facilitated by Jay-Z, through his still relatively new partnership with the NFL; the women made history as the first Latina artists to headline the Super Bowl halftime show.”

And shouldn’t that have been the most important part of the halftime show? That two popular Latina singers have made history at Super Bowl LIV? Maybe, but it wasn’t. Christian activist Dave Daubenmire announced plans to build a lawsuit against the NFL, Pepsi, and a few others because he is now “in danger of hellfire” and eternal damnation because of the show.

Daubenmire said, “I tuned in to watch a football game. I didn’t tune in to watch a porn show.”

We should also mention that Daubenmire hosts a podcast, and might, you know, just be whoring for attention. When asked about the companies he plans to sue, he said, “I’m sure we can dig up a few more.”

That should tell you all you need to know about the point of his lawsuit. It’s not about what he saw. He’s suing Pepsi because they sponsored the show. He’s also trying to get the lawsuit class-action status, which would allow anyone who watched the Super Bowl — and certainly those who actually attended — to attach their names to the litigation. Sounds crazy? Well, it’s 2020. We’re getting used to it.

He said that the show was especially insulting to Christians. Daubenmire said, “That’s discriminatory against the values I have in my house — you can’t just do that. I want to sue them. I want to sue them for about 867 trillion dollars.”

We can only say: “Good luck.” You chose to turn the TV on to watch the show, and you chose to turn it off. No one chose for you. And that’s exactly the way a judge will see it. You can’t claim someone discriminated against your values when they didn’t chain you down to watch.