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CSN SWAC Attack: Stormy Weather

By Brandon Williams, CSN SWAC Attack Columnist Saturday’s matchup between Prairie View A&M and Sam Houston State was expected to be a clash between the irresistible force of the Panthers’ “Purple Haze” defense and the immovable object that is the… more »
Permalink 09/12/08 , The CSN Way, CSN Columns

The CSN Way: We Don’t Like Ike

By Charles Burton, CSN Columnist Dwight D. Eisenhower’s reelection campaign in 1956 featured a very simple slogan: “We Like Ike”. But it’s unlikely that any college football fan this weekend will be wearing a political button like that anytime soon.… more »

CSN The CAA Today: Week Two Results- Answers, or just more Questions?

Bruce Dowd, CSN The CAA Today Columnist Trying to get a handle on the ability of each team early in the season is difficult, especially after just the first week and with so many of the early games against FBS schools. You would think that after the… more »