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CSN SWAC Attack: Prairie View? SWAC champs?

By Brandon Williams, CSN SWAC Attack Columnist Not too long ago, the mere thought of the Panthers as winners -- let alone kings of the conference -- elicited chuckles and spat-out cups of coffee. Thanks to Henry Frazier, no one's laughing now.… more »
Permalink 12/10/09 , CSN Columns, Dowd's Den

CSN Dowd's Den: Semifinal Preview - Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

By Bruce Dowd, CSN Dowd's Den Columnist Just thought I would let everyone know I am still alive and well and just couldn’t resist putting in my two cents at the most exciting time of the year. We got William and Mary v. Villanova and then App State v… more »
Permalink 12/10/09 , The CSN Way, CSN Columns

The CSN Way: Center Stage

By Chuck Burton, The CSN Way Columnist Face it: for the casual college football fan, there is lots of competition for viewership in the fall. There's weekday football. Big FBS matchups. The schools even non-football fans have heard of: USC. Notre… more »

The CAA Today: The Rematch, AGAIN

Terence Thomas, Sr. CSN The CAA Today columnist A rematch by definition is a second or return contest between opponents. In last week’s quarterfinals, we had two such games involving CAA teams, and a third game pitting a CAA team against a Missouri… more »
Permalink 12/10/09 , CSN West, CSN Columns

CSN West: Two Titans Meet in Missoula

By Kent Schmidt, CSN West Columnist All matchups in the FCS national playoff semifinals are good ones, but this one coming to Missoula, Mont., this weekend is one that seems to have a little more flair. As most FCS fans know, three-time Division I c… more »

MIAC Profiles of Excellence: Marie Borner, Bethel University

by Rich Mies, CSN Mapping the MIAC Columnist Receiving a Division I scholarship, particularly to a school in one of the “big six” athletic conferences, is a goal all high school athletes share. But what happens when being at that prestigious Division… more »