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CSN Down South: What’s There Not to Be Excited About?

floated rightBy Jason Plotkin, CSN Down South Columnist

It’s never hard to get excited about the first week of football.

Whether your team finished 0-11 last year or came one play away from winning the league’s automatic bid into the playoffs, optimism reigns supreme from all corners of the map. Afterall, this is a new season.

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The CSN Way: 27 Fearless Predictions

By Chuck Burton, The CSN Way Columnist

floatedleftfloated rightPolls are out. Magazines are out. All-American teams are out. And everyone with a website and a dream are making picks about who’s going to win conference championships. It seems like everyone has an opinion as to how the entire FCS season is going to play out even before the first game - being played tomorrow, between Quincy (NAIA) and Indiana State - even kicks off.

But while the all-America teams make good reading material in August, and the magazines make for good reading for the few weeks of the season, there’s something missing. What’s lacking is a set of predictions so bold, so fearless, that the rest of FCS can only stand up and take notice. In other words, it’s my own set of 27 “Fearless Predictions” about the upcoming season. Believe them - or not - but rest assured they won’t be ordinary.

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CSN West: Preview 2009

floated rightBy Kent Schmidt, CSN West Columnist

It is hard to believe the summer is nearly coming to an end and the football season is just around the corner this week. It didn’t seem that long ago that we saw Montana defeated by Richmond in the title game in Chattanooga, Tenn. last December.

It’s indeed the end of August, and that means another season nears for the FCS West. In fact, Indiana State will start the FCS season with a Thursday night game against Quincy, which I will preview below, and will culminate with the national title game in Chattanooga this December.

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The CSN Way: Interdivision Games Dominate the Beginning of the FCS Season

floated rightIndiana State kicks off the NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision season this Thursday against non-D-I Quincy, a week before the rest of the FCS jumps into action. The matchup is symptomatic of the inter-Division games which dominate the early FCS season. Only 20 of the 89 games are between teams in the FCS classification. 31 are against non-D-I opponents and 38 pit D-I FCS squads versus the D-I FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision). Here’s a full listing.

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