Super Bowl LIV: San Francisco 49ers VS Kansas City Chiefs

It’s not exactly what we expected when the season first started, is it? But it’s how the season will finish, and we’re thrilled — primarily because so much of what will happen is a mystery. Both teams have their flaws and both teams have their merits. It’s anyone’s guess which team will thrive against the other team’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Mike Sielski tweeted about some of the skewed expectations some fans have: “If you’re still hoping Andy Reid and the #Chiefs fall on their faces in two weeks, you’re so tribal and blinkered in your allegiance to the #Eagles and so attuned to his shortcomings and imperfections that you can’t see him for what he is: a genuinely great coach.”

This is an especially poignant statement since Andy Reid has racked up a whopping 221 wins in his time with the NFL, which is more than any other coach — who hasn’t won a Super Bowl. He last stepped foot in that arena with the Eagles in 2004, but couldn’t seal the deal. Should he lose this time too, it will be a heavy blow to face.

The Chiefs haven’t played in the Super Bowl since their 1969-1970 win in Super Bowl IV. That year marked the last time that a season ran while two distinct organizations — the NFL and AFL — duked it out. They merged into one before the 1970-1971 season.

Meanwhile, while San Francisco has a better overall record of making it to the Super Bowl, it’s worth pointing out that the 49ers were a trainwreck last year. The team actually made it into the history books alongside the Benagals and Rams, having successfully powered their way into the Super Bowl after having won four or fewer matches the season prior.

The 49ers, should they come out victorious, will tie the Steelers and Patriots for the most Lombardi Trophies won in the history of the Super Bowl.

Who do you think will win? Kansas City is known for its “quick-strike” offensive plays while the 49ers are known for an insanely successful throwback through balanced defense and offense. We’re not sure how this formula will play out during a Super Bowl matchup. Both teams, their coaches, and their fans are motivated to get out there and win. It could go either way, and it could be tremendously exciting no matter which way it goes!

No matter who you’re rooting for, one thing is for certain: we’re all sick of the Patriots and it’s about time!