Tampa Bay Buccaneers Victorious After Super Bowl LV: What Next for Tom Brady?

Tom Brady won his seventh Lombardi Trophy when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers slaughtered the Kansas City Chiefs 31 to 9 on Super Bowl Sunday. The game was also notable because it made history (or in Brady’s case, cemented it — he now has two more trophies than anyone else). But the Bucs were the first team in NFL history to win the Super Bowl in their home stadium. What an exciting game!

The 43-year-old Brady was helped out by Todd Bowles’ defense. The iron quarterback made off with 201 yards and an impressive three touchdowns. Brady ties Gronk with 14 postseason scoring connections. 

This was a hotly anticipated game, as Patrick Mahomes was looking to win his own trophy — but the Buccaneers managed to slash their offensive measures to ribbons. Fans were quick to notice that Tampa’s defense was in control of the line of scrimmage during every single quarter of the game. The pressure on Mahomes was intense, and this is where Brady’s experience over his opposition shone through. 

In the 56 games Mahomes has played for the Chiefs, the Bowl was only the second time he was held without a touchdown. We can only imagine the utter humiliation he must feel at being so outclassed at every level. The game also marked the first double-digit loss of his career. Whoops!

It’s worth noting that Tampa’s Week 12 performance against the Chiefs was miserable, which makes this comeback especially impressive. To say that Tampa learned from its mistakes is a massive understatement. 

Other takeaways:

Home stadium advantage is real, and Tampa certainly benefited from it greatly. The game coordinators showed their top-notch capacity for decision-making as well. Tampa’s defense allowed Brady to work his magic basically unchecked, which pretty much ended the game for the Chiefs.