Tips for Creating the Best Pre-Game Meals

The meals you eat before a big game give your body the energy it needs for the event. Whether you are a baseball player in California or a football superstar in Texas, it is crucial to eat the right foods for your pre-game meal to avoid discomfort or cramping.

Some people think that eating sugary foods is good to do before a big game. It will supply energy but not the right kind of energy. The energy your muscles need for a big game comes from glycogen. You also need foods that keep blood sugar levels stable and the body hydrated.

The key to choosing the best pre-game meals is understanding that there is no one proper meal for everyone. You want to get your glycogen from complex carbohydrates. These can be in the form of bread, corn, or oatmeal.

Also consider foods that are high in starch. Choose pasta, rice or potatoes. You can base a pre-game meal on one of the basic starches and round it out with a carb-rich vegetable.

Vegetables like corn or carrots are also excellent choices to pair with your pre-game meals. Another option to add a side dish for your pre-game meal are beans.

A simple but good pre-game meal can also be comprised of whole wheat bread or a bowl of oatmeal. These will provide all the carbohydrates you need.

Stay away from things like granola because of the amount of effort it can take to chew it. Avoid sugary foods because once they get through your system they can cause your blood sugar to go down fast and that can leave you drained.

Your best pre-game meal should be mostly carbohydrates and starch. Avoid protein or fats hours before your big game to keep any potential gastrointestinal issues from hurting your performance. Avoid these foods and stick to carbs for the best powered-up pre-game meal.

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