USC Football Player Has Coronavirus

The University of Southern California (USC) might have to put its football season on hold after a player on its team tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday, November 23. Certainly, the remaining players will be tested before any final decisions are made. This infection is the team’s first. The Trojans only recently returned from Salt Lake City after overcoming the Utah Utes this past Saturday night. Their season stats are now at 3-0.

The infected player has symptoms but has been placed in quarantine away from other members of the team.

USC football tweeted a statement this morning: 

“We were informed last night that a single football player tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday, Nov. 23. That individual had traveled with us to Utah for Saturday’s football game, and he had tested negative three times within 36 hours of travel and again on game day. All other test results on Monday were negative, and the individual was not present in the facilities or at practice on Sunday or Monday. The individual is symptomatic and has been quarantined. USC Student Health, Utah Athletics and the Pac-12 have been notified; the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health will be notified today. When more information is available, including  additional test results, contact tracing and public health guidance, we will provide it.”

The player was not present for practice yesterday or today. He will be asked to quarantine for at least two weeks, test negative, and then may return to the roster.

Players must test negative for COVID-19 on game days. They are also tested several times before travel to ensure that no tests provide false negative results.

Health officials expect coronavirus cases to multiply rapidly over the next few months due to the holiday season. Teams anticipate a heightened probability of new infections during this time.