When Will Sports Continue As Normal?

Our communal psyche as American citizens has been drained during the past few months, as state and local governments put into place mandatory social distancing measures to help protect everyone from the seemingly inexorable spread of the coronavirus and the disease it causes, COVID-19. Now, governments are on the path to lifting those restrictions (prematurely or not). This has everyone asking the question: when will sports continue as normal?

The answer is simple: probably not for a very long time. 

But everyone is adapting at their own pace. And that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to watch your favorite professional sport get played soon. Major League Soccer is scheduled to make a limited return at some point in July for a tournament. Teams will play for six weeks in Orlando. The MLS hopes they will be able to play from home soon thereafter.

The National Hockey League has yet to decide on when to return for its postseason, or how the next season will play out. We do know that the season will actually begin with playoffs, albeit with more teams than usual.

Should the players union for Major League Baseball strike a deal with owners, the next season could start as soon as July. Drop your expectations, though, because these deals are never easy — and coronavirus itself could still get in the way.

We still not sure about college football, but reports are optimistic. ESPN’s Adam Schefter said, “They sound certain there still will be college football this season.” Time will tell.

The Indy 500, originally scheduled for May 24, was moved to August 23.

These dates are all tentative. When businesses reopen and restrictions are relaxed, we can expect a large number of new coronavirus cases. This might cause governments to rethink plans to reopen (but we think not) and major sports leagues to rethink their own plans (and we think this will be the case). For now, it’s safe to say that many of these sports will be available to watch — but only from home.